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Opelika Theatre Company is funded by the generous contributions from yearly sponsors, monthly pledges and one-time donations. With so many options, you're sure to find one that is the perfect fit for your donation dollars. The red "Donate Here" button below will take you to our Donorbox page. You'll be able to select from the $10, $50, or $100 pre-formated giving options, giving either monthly, annually, or a one-time donation. Feel free to leave us a comment on that page to mark a destination for your donation, or just say "hi!"


Sponsor Levels allow people and businesses to pledge at a level they are comfortable with. Donations can easily be made through our donation link above, in the amount that works best for you. Your donations can be earmarked for specific projects such as sound equipment or scripts, just make note of it when you donate, or they can be added to the general funds to be used wherever needed. Your donations help to fund our fabulous productions. From the ink used to print the program you receive at the door, the cleaning products used to keep the theatre neat and tidy, the tape used on the floor to spot our performers, to building sets, script and music rights, every dollar is used to make sure your experience at the theatre is as pleasant and entertaining as we can possibly provide. We are after all your neighbors, co-workers and friends. Thank you for considering a donation to our community theatre.

Opelika Theatre Company is a 501c non-profit community led and funded organization. Each sponsorship level includes, mentions in programs, our website, show tickets, and other thank you's depending on the level of sponsorship. We would love to visit with you and talk about what your financial support helps provide. Opelikatheatrecompany1@gmail.com

If you're ready to sponsor now, please use the "membership" form below. You can select monthly or annually, and select your level of support.



Envision of Opelika

Community Foundation of Opelika

East Alabama Arts

Southside Center for the Arts

City of Opelika

George Allen, City Council Ward 1

Erika Baker, City Council Ward 2

Tim Aja, City Council Ward 3

Eddie Smith, City Council Ward4

Todd Rauch, City Council Ward 5

Marty Moore

Petrina Maher

Dan and Chelsea Kroll and family

Graves and Ashley Lovell and family

Mrs. Jo Lovell

Doug and Nancy Bendinger

Phil and Renee Messing and family


Opelika Mainstreet, Ken Ward

Opelika Observer, Michelle Key

Make Your Move Preforming Arts

Auburn Audio Visual

Robert and Barbra Patton

Ronnie and Libby Herring

Betty Jean Johnston

Alyssa Richards

Wesley Knox

Colleen Alsobrook

Jim and Jennifer Collins and family

John and Amy Register and family

Cameron Whitlow

Chuck and Robbin Brasfield


Ballard Pest Control

History Investments

Franklin Tire and Auto

Advanced Graphics, Sean Snow

Auburn Bank

The Mulder Family

Eli Grant

Sylvia Dorsey


East Alabama Health

Glynn Smith Chevrolet Buick GMC

Twice Baked

Whistle Stop Bottle and Brew

Strong Mama Birth Services LLC

Tom Tippett, Executive Director, Envision Opelika

Dr. Bob McAlindon

Todd Rauch

Steve and Kathy Hodge

Steven and Kelly Rush and family

Chris and Amy Hess and family'

Joanne Cork

Martha Lee Butz

Becky Bootz

Novelette Seroyer

Jennifer Collins


Glenda Coleman

Mary Higginbotham

Janet Carlock

Tom Tippett

Gerald Swarthout

April Harrington

Shirley Lazenby

Sherry Freeman

Sam and Heather Nobels and family

Kelly Pool